Flaky Tart Inc.

The Flaky Tart is now peanut  free


Cake Flavours


Classic Vanilla: vanilla chiffon cake with vanilla bean buttercream

Add fresh berries (seasonal) $10.00-$15.00


Classically Chocolate: Chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream.


Chocolate Banana: Banana sponge cake layered with white chocolate rum buttercream and chocolate cake


Lemon Chiffon Cake

Moist lemon chiffon layered with lemon buttercream


Jasons’ Faves Cookies and Cream: Chocolate cake layered with vanilla bean buttercream and chunks of Jasons’ Faves Cookies


Coconut Cream Cake: Vanilla Chiffon cake layered with our coconut cream filling *


Chocolate Raspberry: chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

Add fresh raspberries (seasonal) $10.00-$15.00


Caramel Vanilla: vanilla chiffon with vanilla buttercream


Citrus Scented Carrot cake: moist carrot cake layered with cream cheese icing


Chocolate Espresso cake: chocolate cake with rich espresso buttercream


Ginger Cake: Ginger cake layered with cream cheese icing




* flavour not available for tiered or sculpted cakes



Due to the customized nature of our cakes and to help serve you more efficiently we ask that you call the store @

416 484-8278 to receive a quote or to place an order. Orders cannot unfortunately not be placed through email.